She Empire was created to inspire young women to follow their dreams by embracing her definition of success. It seemed as if school taught everything but the rules of success. I always wondered how people became successful and why it was such a secret. If I didn’t begin trying to learn on my own, I would've probably never been taught. This led me to explore other outlets, which led me to the primary source of success -
personal development and self-improvement growth.

Here you'll find the tools and techniques that you need to build a successful empire through personal development and self-improvement tips. 

If you're a woman that would describe herself as ambitious and courageous. You may either be in need for motivation or you're not 100% confident that you should take the next step to pursue your passions, then She Empire is the place to be. 


Hi, I'm LeAndra Slayton - An undeniable rebel devoted to helping you achieve anything that you want. I studied at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2015. My individuality allowed me to explore my strengths. I realized that I didn't want to follow the norm. I didn't want to graduate college just to struggle to find a job. I couldn't wrap my head around someone writing my paychecks for the rest of my life. Instead, I wanted to pursue the unthinkable. I decided to stop trying to fit into a "category" as an entrepreneur, a writer, a physician, or a motivational speaker.

Besides, my happiness and dignity is more important to me. I founded my first business, Release the Cure Association, in 2015 with a close friend, Dorian Elzy. School wasn't teaching me the things that I wanted to be taught. I decided to self-educate myself on personal development and self-improvement skills. This lead me to reading and writing. I wanted to share my wisdom with others. I understood that the things I was learning was not being taught in the college curriculum. She Empire was created as an outlet to share my knowledge gained with other young women.



LeAndra Slayton

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